Sicily borders with itself.  But it is in the World. 
It can stay into this World in two ways: as a colony or as an Island-Nation.  In Karl Schmitt’s lectio magistralis, insularity is the place where sea power is accumulated. Whom this “power” belongs in the island of Sicily?  An island is the place where sea power is accumulated, where this power can be grasped by the people dwelling in it or by external forces which – in diverse ways – colonize it. 
This it the geopolitical Dialectic of the Insularity. In its geo-historical invariance,  our School of the dialectic Realism which analyzes and fathoms in the depth until it gets the fault line, contesting it with a sovereignist key, comes to the synthetic definition of “Sicily”: the Island without Sea.
TERRAELIBERAZIONE Institute calculated that Sovereignty Space of Sicilian People would be by nature composed – along with 25.832 sq km Archipelago of the Sicilians soil – also by more than 20.000 sq km of territorial waters theoretically recognized by the International Law: Sovereignty on the air Space, in the island without Sky, would in fact consist in more than about 45.000 sq km.
It’s the centre of the Mediterranean Corridor connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, through which around the 30% of the world commerce passes and whose main ports are… Rotterdam and Hamburg, with Tangeri in Morocco. 
While the new Silk Way – Washington in Peking suppressed the hypothesis of a great Sicilian hub – curved toward Venice ascending the Adriatic sea. This latter will also join Hamburg and Rotterdam: airport Hubs will be structured on the TAV-Big Ships intermodality. New Eurasia is knocking on Sicily’s door: they pushed the wrong doorbell!.
In this long and tormented dawn of the XXIst Century, Time is beaten by the Asian development cycle and it quickly flows on Pearl River crossing the Blue China.

To grip that Time, in the Mediterranean Space, is and remains a crucial strategic solution. The black Tempest provoked on the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Space by the euro-american imperialist mental forces and by the demented ambitions of neo-othman Turks and Saudi and Qatar clans with the destruction of the Libyan Jamahiriyah, turned the Mediterranean history one century back. Sicily is – against our will – the centre of
History, Sicily is the Beast’s Lair. It’s the insularity, the sea power, which is smuggled as geopolitical positional income, by the toscopadane massomafias in order to get a place in the sun and a few miserable crumbs on the colonial share table with the imperialist Wars, more or less sophisticated and coloured. Who believes TV is culturally dead. We aren’t interested in having him/her around, at the Time of this Island without Sea.